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#D2TRIBE: Free to be who you want, to lead and to follow, to inspire. The narrative that courses through the Dsquared2’s Spring Summer 2021 campaign unites diversity through movement and play, all shot by Giampaolo Sgura. The campaign includes a kinetic union of different personalities and characters. The talents - diverse, from different generations, come together to move in the clothes in a way that conveys self-expression to be playful, and bold and decisive.  Embodying iconic beauty, Naomi Campbell leads the cast together with football star Zlatan Ibrahimović, in a sequence where every talent in the campaign shows their moves and style, including singer Tony Effe, model Jill Kortleve, singer and model Grace Hartzel, models Precious Lee, Maike Inga, Mao, and Serena Sy, model and actress Valentina Sanpaio, models Cheikh Dia, Eduardo Sebastianelli, Terence Firinga, Jie Zheng, Valentin Humbroich and Luke Maehlmann, skater Amiel, dancers Nicolas Huchard and Joshie. This production was monitored by COVID-19 health professionals to ensure the safety of cast and crew during filming. Health securing measures as advised by medical professionals have been put in place and practiced to create a sanitary environment. To protect our D2Family